quinta-feira, 13 de maio de 2010

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Yesterday, São Paulo played Cruzeiro for the Quarter Finals of the Libertadores Cup. It was a game full of expectations due to the recent arrival of the player Fernandão (São Paulo's attack player). For the game taking place in Mineirão (Cruzeiro's Stadium), a tie or a loss by 2x1 would be more than a satisfying result since next Wednesday São Paulo would play Cruzeiro once again, but this time on Morumbi. I thought São Paulo would be "destroyed" by Cruzeiro, but my expectations were wrong. São Paulo's defense was impressive and was able to stop Kleber and Thiago Ribeiro (two of the most dangerous players in Cruzeiro). Not only that, but São Paulo was very efficient offensively and scored 2 goals, with beautiful passes from Fernandão who played very well. The gols were scored at 23 minutes of the first half and at 10 minutes of the second half. The game was very tense though, Cruzeiro had many chances of scoring, which made the game very tense. I was nervous throughout the whole game because Cruzeiro has the best attack, while São Paulo has the best defense. I thought Cruzeiro would end up scoring a gol, but fortunately he did not. There was even a kick from Roger that hit both posts but did not go in, but as most of the people know, football is also about luck and being able to make good use of the gol opportunities. I believe all "São Paulinos" enjoyed the excellent performance of São Paulo including me, Larissa and Lucas (especially Larissa, the greatest São Paulo's fan ever!).

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Last year, São Paulo was defeated by Cruzeiro in the Quarter Finals (just like this year), but this time we have a great advantage. Time for revenge! Hopefully we will win the Libertadores Cup, but there are still many difficult enemies to confront.

quinta-feira, 22 de abril de 2010

Yesterday, São Paulo played against Once Caldas, a Colombian team. I would say that the first half was completely dominated by São Paulo that was able to score one gol and guarantee the first place of his group in the Libertadores Cup. The second half, São Paulo naturally became more defensive because his goal was fulfilled, score 1x0. São Paulo needed to win the game to classify in 1st place. The game was very tense because on the second half Once Caldas had many gol opportunities and fortunately Rogerio Ceni saved the team with a spectacular defense. São Paulo also had luck because Once Caldas hit the post and the ball did not go in.

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I think São Paulo still needs improvement because he starts the game well but later asks to suffer a gol. Many times São Paulo has control over the game but the other team is able to tie or even win the game. Luckily, Once Caldas was unfortunate in his kicks. I agree with Rogerio Ceni that said that if São Paulo wants to be champion, he needs to improve and play better, especially on the defense.

domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

Best game of the year so far? São Paulo won from Botafogo-SP and has entered the G-4 on the Paulista Cup once again. It wasn't any common game, it was definately one of the most convincing games São Paulo has played so far. The game was 5x0. São Paulo was better than in other games because he was very fast. Not only that, but the team counted with a great game from Hernanes and Marlos. The game would have been perfect if Rogério Ceni did not miss a penalty shot, but the team definately improved. Hernanes scored 2 gols and was one of the best players in the game.

Our next goal is to beat Santo André and guarantee our spot in the semi-finals. The game will be very hard because Santo André is a very good team and is currently in 2nd place. If the team repeats todays performance, I believe São Paulo will have no big difficulty beating Santo André.

domingo, 21 de março de 2010

Finally, São Paulo has started to play better. Today's game could not be better. São Paulo won the game against Mogi Mirim for the Paulista cup. The game was 3x0 with a good performance from the team, who had already won from Nacional (for Libertadores) by 3x0. São Paulo is definately playing much better and is almost guaranteed on the semi-finals for Paulista Cup. It is very interesting to see how São Paulo is now playing well even though the team was disappointing in the beginning of the season.

I believe São Paulo has the potential to win the Libertadores and the Paulista Cup. If he continues evolving and doing its best, I think São Paulo will be unstoppable.

domingo, 14 de março de 2010

Today, São Paulo played against Rio Branco at the Morumbi Stadium. Particularly, I thought the game would be very easy after São Paulo scored his first goal, but I was wrong. The game ended 2x1, with a goal scored at the very end by André Luis. The first goal was scored by Jorge Wagner after a beautiful pass inside the area from Leo Lima. Later, São Paulo decreased his game intensity and no more goal's were scored in the first half. Almost in the end of the second half, Rio Branco was able to tie the game with a goal scored by Márcio Carioca. At that moment, I thought São Paulo would not have the strength to score another goal and win the game, but fortunately the goal was made.

Some good news for São Paulo is that Palmeiras beat Santos, so São Paulo is closer to being in first place. I believe São Paulo isn't playing at the best of its potential, but the team will for sure play much better at decisive and hard games.

domingo, 7 de março de 2010

We needed this victory!

Today, São Paulo played Ponte Preta for the Paulista Cup. The game was very interesting with both teams creating great opportunities to score. The only difference was that São Paulo did not waste his opportunities and won the game. The game was 2x0, both gol's scored by Washington. The game was very dramatic. Ponte Preta had many opportunities to score, but luckily they did not. Rogério defended a penalty shot and saved the team. Even though the game was replete with surprises, I think São Paulo is starting to play better.

This positive result definitely gave confidence to the team. We have a very important game coming up on Thursday, against Nacional. I think São Paulo has a great team this year. He just needs to gain confidence and discover our "ideal" team. I think the formation used against Ponte Preta was very good because São Paulo was very offensive and has a really good defense.

segunda-feira, 1 de março de 2010

São Paulo x Monte Azul

São Paulo played Monte Azul after 2 consecutive losses (to Palmeiras and Once Caldas). After a long trip coming back from the game against Once Caldas, the coach decided to let some of the players rest and give opportunities to new players. On the beginning of the game, Leo Lima scored a very beautiful goal, kicking from outside the area. After that, São Paulo decrease his game rate and the game became very boring. Monte Azul had some chances to score and if São Paulo continued playing like that, he would eventually suffer a goal.
On the second half, São Paulo came back as a different improved team. Fernandinho entered on São Paulo's team and played his first game. None the less, the scored 4 goals, a "perfect" game for someone who just entered the team. I think São Paulo won because he came back for the second half with a different attitude and decided to win the game. The game ended 5x1 and I believe after winning from Monte Azul, São Paulo has gained confidence and is ready for the next matches.