quinta-feira, 13 de maio de 2010

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Yesterday, São Paulo played Cruzeiro for the Quarter Finals of the Libertadores Cup. It was a game full of expectations due to the recent arrival of the player Fernandão (São Paulo's attack player). For the game taking place in Mineirão (Cruzeiro's Stadium), a tie or a loss by 2x1 would be more than a satisfying result since next Wednesday São Paulo would play Cruzeiro once again, but this time on Morumbi. I thought São Paulo would be "destroyed" by Cruzeiro, but my expectations were wrong. São Paulo's defense was impressive and was able to stop Kleber and Thiago Ribeiro (two of the most dangerous players in Cruzeiro). Not only that, but São Paulo was very efficient offensively and scored 2 goals, with beautiful passes from Fernandão who played very well. The gols were scored at 23 minutes of the first half and at 10 minutes of the second half. The game was very tense though, Cruzeiro had many chances of scoring, which made the game very tense. I was nervous throughout the whole game because Cruzeiro has the best attack, while São Paulo has the best defense. I thought Cruzeiro would end up scoring a gol, but fortunately he did not. There was even a kick from Roger that hit both posts but did not go in, but as most of the people know, football is also about luck and being able to make good use of the gol opportunities. I believe all "São Paulinos" enjoyed the excellent performance of São Paulo including me, Larissa and Lucas (especially Larissa, the greatest São Paulo's fan ever!).

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Last year, São Paulo was defeated by Cruzeiro in the Quarter Finals (just like this year), but this time we have a great advantage. Time for revenge! Hopefully we will win the Libertadores Cup, but there are still many difficult enemies to confront.

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